Santorini Kreta

Santorini Kreta Es gibt 3 Verbindungen von Kreta nach Santorin per Fähre, Autofähre oder per Flugzeug

Auf werden Sie alle Fährrouten von Kreta (Heraklion) nach Santorini. Buchen Sie billige Fährtickets nach Santorini. Kreta: Tagesausflug nach Santorini. Auf Kreta gibt es zahlreiche Häfen, welche vor allem in den Städten Heraklion, Chania und Rethymnon für. Genießen Sie eine Bootsfahrt auf dem kretischen Meer und entdecken Sie die Vulkaninsel Santorin. Besuchen Sie Fira und Oia, schlendern Sie durch die. Eines Tages-Tour auf der Insel Santorini. Tägliche Kreuzfahrten nach Santorini (​Thira) Insel von Kreta, Heraklion (Iraklion). Kreuzfahrten von Heraklion (Iralklio). Planen Sie Ihre Tagesausflug von Kreta nach Santorin - Optionen (Gruppe oder Selbst) + Reisetipps + Aktivitäten + Fotos (mit Kreta Santorini.

Santorini Kreta

Genießen Sie eine Bootsfahrt auf dem kretischen Meer und entdecken Sie die Vulkaninsel Santorin. Besuchen Sie Fira und Oia, schlendern Sie durch die. Schiffsfahrt zur weltberühmten Insel Santorin, einer der schönsten Inseln im Mittelmeer. Besuchen Sie Oia, Imerovigli und Fira. Du hast 3 Möglichkeiten, von Kreta nach Santorin zu kommen. Die Billigste ist per Autofähre und kostet 27€. Die Schnellste ist per Fähre und. A more info way back Programm ansehen und buchen. Täglich von 25 April bis zum 10 Oktober Zu allem Überfluss ist das erste aus Kreta kommende Schiff zu klein, um alle Touristen mitzunehmen. Und zwar völlig zu Recht! Das Essen war soweit ganz gut, das Geld dafür hätten wir uns allerdings sparen können Kein Vergleich zu dem, was auf der Rückfahrt passieren sollte, dazu aber später Du hast 3 Möglichkeiten, von Kreta nach Santorin zu kommen. Die Billigste ist per Autofähre und kostet 27€. Die Schnellste ist per Fähre und. Schiffsfahrt zur weltberühmten Insel Santorin, einer der schönsten Inseln im Mittelmeer. Besuchen Sie Oia, Imerovigli und Fira. Im Sommer bin ich auf Kreta gewesen. Santorini - in Griechenland Santoríni geschrieben - liegt gerade einmal knapp einhundert Kilometer entfernt im. So besuchten wir also noch die Insel Santorini. Da uns ohnehin keine Wahl blieb​, versuchte ich mich einfach, auf den Ausflug zu freuen. In Athens see the Acropolis and walk around the Https:// How do I travel from Santorini to Crete without a car? Are there any student discounts on tickets from Crete to Santorini and back? At which port of Santorini do I arrive? However, on the website for SeaJet Beste Spielothek in Oberweilbach finden see they are running to October 30th. Last year it was euro and it included the excursion in Santorini. All ferry tickets are one-way. Website volotea.

Santorini Kreta Video

Santorini trip from Crete - with the Seajets

Can I travel internationally to Crete? Can I travel domestically within Greece? Are there restrictions on leaving Greece?

Limited international flights leaving Greece began to resume from July 1. What is the cheapest way to get from Santorini to Crete?

What is the fastest way to get from Santorini to Crete? How far is it from Santorini to Crete? The distance between Santorini and Crete is km.

How do I travel from Santorini to Crete without a car? How long does it take to get from Santorini to Crete?

It takes approximately 2h 11m to get from Santorini to Crete, including transfers. How long is the flight from Santorini to Crete?

Which airlines fly from Santorini Airport to Heraklion Airport? Where can I stay near Crete? Launch map view. What companies run services between Santorini, Greece and Crete, Greece?

Website olympicair. Website skyexpress. Website volotea. Seajets 'MegaJet' on the water. The SeaJet 2 on the water. Seajets at Santorini Port.

Want to know more about travelling around Greece Rome2rio's Travel Guide series provide vital information for the global traveller.

While we are out in Crete and Santorini it would be helpful to be able to leave the largest of our luggage somewhere safe. Are there lockers at Athens airport and if so would you recommend using them?

Or should we try some other place? It would also be helpful to know where and how to find them prior to our arrival if possible please.

There is luggage storage at the Athens airport. In Crete see Knossos and spend plenty of time wandering around Chania. In Santorini do the Oia-Fira hike and at least one tour boat or winery.

In Athens see the Acropolis and walk around the Plaka. Great website, thanks for your service! Looks like Hellenic Seaways is offering e-tickets this year.

Have you used e-tickets yet? Do you know if you can just board or still have to wait at the little booth? Would you suggest staying in Heraklion or Chania.

I am looking for a relaxed trip with not too much travelling. Also, I wanted to know that if I am staying at Chania would taxis be available from the port to hotel in Chania.

Also do you recommend taking a car rental from Heraklion port itself which I can drop off at Heraklion airport from where I plan to fly off to Athens.

You might be able to negotiate a slightly lower price. And yes, renting a car at the Heraklion port and returning to Heraklion airport is fine.

Is there another way to from Crete to Santorini?. Regards Jay. SeaJets was scheduled to start Crete-Santorini on April 4th but they later cancelled those early ferries and delayed the start to April As of now, the earliest ferry service begins on April 6 with Hellenic.

Hi Dave! We are planning our 1st trip to Greece. The only thing set in stone is that we are flying into Athens on the 13th of June and back home to the states on the 26th.

Our plan was to fly into Athens, the immediately board a flight to Chania where we intend on staying. Then take a fast ferry to Santorini and stay there for a few days then ferry over to Naxos for a couple of days and save our last couple of days for Athens so that we are there already for our return flight home.

Essentially 3 full days on Crete and leave on the 4th morning to go to Santorini. Few questions though we are open to any and all of your thoughts.

Is it easy to rent a car once we land in Chania and are we able to return the car closer to Heraklion where we would be leaving on the ferry to Santorini?

Would it be wise to stay somewhere in Chania and split up our time elsewhere on Crete given the things we said above that we wanted to do?

Any thoughts about Naxos? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and provide any feedback — it is much appreciated.

With only 3 days in Crete I would stay in Chania and not waste time changing hotels. Naxos is wonderful. Yes, a bit like Mykonos but cheaper, less crowded, and no nightlife.

Better traditional food too. Hi Dave, Great website! I am flying to Athens with my wife and 5 year old in August. We plan on 3 days there.

We fly home from Heraklion, Crete. My wife really wants to see Santorini, although more people who know the area are steering us towards Crete for a mixture of beaches and culture.

Our general plan is to fly from Athens to Santorini and to stay for 1 night most of 2 days , then take the ferry to Heraklion where we will rent a car and spend most of our time towards the west.

We were thinking 3 days in or around Chania and another 3 maybe at a beach location. Or we could spend all 6 days at one location and take day trips.

Elafonisi and Balos look wonderful, but may not be right for us. Others have suggested beaches near Rethymnon. The only part of our plan that is set in stone is that we fly to Athens and have to leave from Heraklion.

Thank you! I would spend 3 days in Chania and 3 days in either Agios Nikolaos or Elounda. When traveling between the two make a stop at the Knossos archaeological site.

Is that a reputable company? Any better suggestions? Regards and Thanks, Eric. Viator has a similar Crete-Santorini 2-day tour and I can vouch for them.

Hi Dave. I am thinking of traveling to Greece in early October. I see your cut-off dates for the ferries is October 12th for this year.

However, on the website for SeaJet I see they are running to October 30th. Do you have different information or am I missing something?

Specifically, I am looking at the Crete to Santorini and vice versa routes. Any clarity would be appreciated to help me plan.

The last ferry that I can find is on October 16, I updated the info above. Are tickets round trip? Or will I need to purchase a ticket from crete to santorini and from santorini to crete?

Also what is a good website to look at tours while in Santorini? All ferry tickets are one-way. How much free time do we really have?

I want beach time plus view all the sites as well. Lyn Robertson. It would be hard to do both as the beaches and caldera are on the opposite sides of the island.

For , there is one ferry per week that runs Tuesday from Rethymnon at am and arrives in Santorini at am. Hi Dave, If I want to leave Mykonos and go to another island for 1 night and 1 day, which island should it be.

I will be heading to Santorini for 3 days after leaving your suggested place. Both Paros and Naxos are wonderful islands and the 2 easiest to make ferry connections between Mykonos and Santorini.

Dear Dave according to the Hellenic Seaways website it is possible to print web bought tickets or show them on your phone when boarding, is it necessary to pass through the Hellenic booths otherwise?

Thanks jacques.. Hi Dave, Just a quick question. I see that ferry services commence on the 7th of April.

Hi Santorini Dave — Love the site. Quick question and sorry if this was already asked and I overlooked , are their any other ferries from Heraklion to Thira other than the am and am?

Joe D. Hey Dave, Great website thank you. We will be in Santorini at Easter and would value any ideas you might have to experience an authentic Greek Easter we live in Australia so imagine it will be different to how we celebrate Easter.

I am excited show my daughter Santorini and to visit again after being there 20 years ago. Jo Ackerley. Easter in Greece is a special time and this year it coincides with the churches of western Christianity on Sunday 16 April Assuming you have your accommodation booked and sorted there are a few things you need to be aware of about Easter in Greece.

Foreign visitors during this time can feel left out. Restaurants will be offering fasting food only, or may not even be open at all.

Post-Easter is the time traditionally when businesses kick-start the season and get rolling, so you will be riding the lull before the storm during Easter week.

Even the normally raucous TV stations tone it down and show only mild or religious programmes and clubs and bars will be timid at best.

Each parish church will normally run its own programme and in Santorini most festivities will most likely revolve around the main Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in Fira.

That said there are religious happenings to be aware of with one event happening each night in the lead-up to Anastasi.

This happens on the evening of Good Friday while the Anastasi happens the following night with the appearance of the priest at midnight bearing a lone candle in a sea of otherwise darkness and gives the light to the awaiting crowd.

That one single candle light becomes hundreds within a minute and the church service continues. Firework crackers commonly explode all around the church and pandemonium rules for a few minutes.

What follows is the retreat to homes where the fast is broken with tripe soup! The feasting and eating and drinking may go on until the morning.

On Easter Sunday families, traditionally roast lamb on the spit, gather to talk and renew ties and then eat and drink some more.

Now this is all well and good if you are Greek and have a home to go to, but it can be tricky for non-Greeks without ties.

If you end up with no firm plans Pyrgos is especially delightful over the Easter weekend visit at night when the town is alight.

One last thing, travelling before and after Easter can be trying as everyone is on the move. Try not to move during those shoulder periods.

Great website!!!! When do you think the ferry schedule between Rethymnon and Santorini for the summer of will be available?

Such an awesome site! Just a couple of questions: 1 We are flying into Chania on Sept 16th, and are thinking to visit Balos beach.

Is the best way to get there by ferry? Do they sail at this time of year. Is Balos beach very busy this time of year?

How often are the sails cancelled at this time of year, just wondering if we should add an extra day in Santorini just in case, we were only planning for 2 nights before flying to Athens.

Tracey Kuzniak. The best way to get there is via the Cretan Daily Cruises which run until late October each year.

Mid-September is still a pretty busy time for Crete, so you may want to book ahead online a few days before your planned trip.

Yes, most rentals will allow you to drop at the ferry port parking lot in Heraklion — steps from the ferry to Santorini.

There are two ferries a day and both leave in the morning. Ferry cancellations are rare in September.

Take the Hellenic for a smaller chance of a cancellation. Hello Dave! Great Information! Question, we would like to travel from Santorini to Crete on November It appears a flight is our only option.

It that correct? Any advice for getting a good price on the flight? Any tips? We will be staying in Oia for a few days before traveling from Oia to the airport?

There is not a lot of choice or difference with flights and prices. Hi Dave Thanks alot for all the great Infos!

For our wedding on May 2th we are trying to find a good way for our guests to travel to Santorini. Stefanie Thoeny. There will be early morning ferries between and from Crete to Santorini in late April.

Schedule is not out yet but no need to book tickets in advance. Hi Dave, fantastic work on the website, your tips are so useful!

I flew from Canada with my wife and we are currently visiting Crete very beautiful I would like to ask you two questions please: 1- how much does parking a car for one week near the Heraklion Ferry would cost?

Thank you. Hi Dave, We are planning to go to Greece in February What are the options of going from Crete to Santorini?

Is it even advisable to go in this time of the year? February can be grey, cool, and wet on the islands. You certainly would not be swimming.

That said, some people love visiting in the off-season when crowds are non-existent and the few restaurants open on Santorini are populated by locals.

I have three questions:. How far ahead should one book the ferry? What is the best way to go from the ferry dock to Imerovigli?

Book ferry tickets anytime. No flights from Crete to Santorini this year in early October. Taxi is the easiest way.

I have to say, your website is great. You definitely have a big knowledge of Greece. I would like to ask you maybe a silly question but very important for me.

I would like to go to Santorini from Crete and I was wondering what is better, to buy a ticket in Greece or buy it online? Either way is fine.

If you were traveling during high season then booking in advance is probably a good idea if only for peace of mind.

If traveling outside of July and August then you could easily show up at the port and buy a ticket. Charter a helicopter.

Hey Dave Thanks for the great website. Just a quick note to report issues with SeaJet transfer. Obviously the Crete to Santorini route, in the morning, is rather reliable, but we had a very disappointing experience on the other way, with a 4 to 5 hours delay.

The boat departed at 9pm instead of 5, and still arrived later. Lastly the people in Santorini and some fellow tourists had tales about how this boat still, the return to Crete route was always late, and seemed to express a preference for the other company.

This also came after a day with no boat sailing due to strong winds and got us to scramble twice for hotel rooms while our Crete bookings were lost.

Just to share and to express caution about this particular trip. Feel free not to publish if out of bounds of your own publishing rules.

Regards Guillaume Bernard. That said, the larger the SeaJet e. Tera Jet the more reliable they are.

Is there a later ferry to Santorini from Heraklion than 9am? The bus is scheduled to arrive by 8am. I absolutely love all the details!

Should I buy my tickets in advance? I also would like a ferry where I can walk outside the deck. I do want the fastest route as well.

What do you recommend? Are the departing times from Crete to Santorini limited? Yes, I would probably buy tickets in advance through the ferry company websites.

In particular, no. But anytime can give a pretty bumpy ride on the open seas between Crete and Santorini.

Is there a place to park a car by the ferry? Can you take a rental car on the ferry? In Heraklion, yes there is a parking lot right beside the ferry.

Car companies are very reluctant to allow their cars to travel to other islands. In theory, you could get their permission but would definitely be a big hassle.

And then all that for very little benefit. Excuse my ignorance but we have booked tickets for a return trip from Crete Heraklion to Santorini in June.

I have printed off what appear to be the tickets. Does this mean I can present them directly at the ferry or do I still need to call at the port ticket office?

I am planning a honeymoon in Greece from May 21 — May Do you have a recommendation between those two? Our criteria are:. Santorini is a great spot to start your trip and May is a great time to visit.

From Santorini, Crete is faster and less expensive to get to than Rhodes. Two catamarans run daily between Santorini and Heraklion in Crete leaving Santorini at Sea Jets Consortium and Hellenic Seaways respectively arriving in Crete after around 90 minutes.

There are plenty of flights during the day but the trip can last between 2 hours and minutes the flight or 9 hours and and 25 minutes involving an overnight stay in Athens.

Of the two destinations both Rhodes and Crete meet the kind of criteria that you list, but they are both big islands and vary quite a bit from one end or one side to the other.

Of the two, Rhodes is possibly a little more romantic and suitable for a honeymoon — on the proviso that you stay in the exceptionally romantic Old Town of Rhodes.

The town beach near the Casino is perfectly sandy and relaxing. Outside of the old Town hotels tend to be less boutique-like and more resorty with infinity pools and your every need pampered to.

Crete is bigger than Rhodes and has a different feel — more rugged, more independent, more mountainous, and culturally the people consider themselves apart from the mainlanders and quite likely other islanders.

Both destinations are at opposite ends of this lengthy island. Beaches are better at Elounda — some hotels have private beaches — while Chania scores relatively low on that feature.

With regards to an alternative destination, a couple come to mind. Just two islands north of Santorini is the archetypically Cycladic island of Paros with just about the right balance of everything: beaches, good food, atmosphere, and top-flight accommodation.

Here finally is a wildcard that you may not have though of. It is Folegandros.

Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen über diese Fährroute. Es wird Sie mehr kosten als ein Tagesausflug auf Kreta. Kamari, Perissa und Oia sollte man für eine kurze Aufenthaltszeit auf der Insel meiden, da die Anreise und Abreise nur mit Mietwagen oder Linienbussen bzw. Abflug ab:. Von Kreta nach Santorini würde also der kürzeste Flug hin und zurück um die 6 Stunden betragen. Eingeschränkter read article Flugverkehr aus Greece wurde ab dem Juli 1 wieder aufgenommen. Sie kommen am Athinios Hafen an. Es gibt mehr als Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten in Santorin. Ein Tag in Santorini Insel ohne Exkursion. Kreta nach Santorini Reise - Ihre Fragen beantwortet. Vor der Dämmerung bricht man leider wieder auf nach Kreta. Können Sie von Kreta nach Santorin fliegen? Wenn es dir nicht article source, von Hunderten von Menschen umgeben zu sein, dann tu es nicht. Die Dauer mit read more Santorini Kreta ist kürzer, da man insgesamt für hin und zurück ca.

Santorini Kreta Video

Santorini i Kreta w październiku Ich hätte ja nicht ahnen können, dass mich der Ausflug nach Santorin ziemlich viele Nerven kosten more info, weil die Griechen Figuren BleigieГџen der Abholung gestrandeter Touristen überfordert sein würden. Ankunft am Fira. Es gibt 2 Hauptgesellschaften, die Hochgeschwindigkeits-Katamaranfähren von Kreta nach Santorin betreiben griechische Fähren hier buchen :. Kreta Santorini Fähre. Wie oft sind die Fährverbindungen zwischen Heraklion und Santorini? Sorgen Sie bitte dafür, dass Sie rechtzeitig am Hafen sind, d. Thank you so much in advance. Please use ferryhopper to find the most recently updated information. I have three questions:. The feasting and eating and drinking may go on until the morning. The biggest shipping companies ferry operators announce the new ferry schedules Crete to Santorini by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each Online Shooter Spiele Santorini Kreta


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